Hi! We are
SoftTouch Solutions

We make software for frame shops and art galleries.

Our flagship product is called FrameReady.
It's used around the world every day!

FrameReady leads the industry as the most versatile and flexible pricing and shop management program in North America, Australia and the UK.

How did we do that?
Hard work, integrity and passion. Also, laughter.

FrameReady Point of Sale Software

Versatility, friendly and easy to use design. Distributed throughout Canada, United States, Australia and England.

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Over 20 Years

That's how long we have been producing quality software for the framing and art industry. We listen to our clients who contribute regularly to keep FrameReady software on the leading edge. Put our experience and expertise to work for you.


Offering excellent personal service is our hallmark and has earned us the praise of educators and sales representatives in the picture framing industry.

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We understand the framing and art industry and work hard to make our product, FrameReady, the best software for business. It's our passion to help you become more efficient, profitable, accurate, and organized.